The (slightly long but hopefully amusing) story of Gracie and the Dudes (and Sadie, too!)...


Once upon a time, there was a man who had an incredibly smart, talented, hard working and wonderful wife. (Can you tell who is writing this?) Together, they owned multiple frozen dessert franchises which served yummy but artificial treats.  One day, they looked at each other and decided they could no longer deprive the world of the awesomeness that would be their offspring (or at least the awesomeness of the 50% of the wife's DNA). They had a beautiful daughter named Grace who was clearly the most amazing and brilliant child to ever grace the earth (see what I did there?). Grace's mom made homemade baby food for Grace, from organic vegetables, that she purchased at the farmer's market while Grace nuzzled against her in a baby carrier. When it came time to give Grace her first ice cream cone, much thought was given to what, exactly, was in that ice cream.  Artificial colors, flavors, and high fructose corn syrup? We don't think so!


Grace's parents decided to branch out. They opened a store called "Gracie's" where they made products with all natural ingredients and without anything artificial.  Things were going along swimmingly until they were forced to find a new location for their store.  By this point, they had given birth to two beautiful bouncing boys.  More accurately, the wife had given birth, while the husband stood around and ate cheesesteak and pepperoni sandwiches while his wife could only have ice chips or apple juice.  Nevertheless, they bought a building in Sea Bright and "Gracie and the Dudes" was born.

As they worked to ready their new building, the wife was pregnant.  Again.  (Seriously. Did they not have TV or something?) Certain that after two boys, this baby would be a boy (but without actual confirmation from the doctor), they surged ahead with their new name confident that they would soon be blessed with another dude.  (The wife may have been secretly hoping for another girl and may have even high-fived both her doctor and her husband with the proclamation that, "It's a girl!") In January 2009, they opened the doors to Gracie and the Dudes in Sea Bright and brought home another daughter, Sadie.  Sadie's mom purchased baby food in jars, not always organic, from the supermarket, with a never-steers-properly cart, shaped like a racecar, occupied by two boys who refused to keep their heads and/or hands and arms inside, while Grace knocked over displays with the insistence that she certainly can push the cart, as Sadie was tucked inside her baby carrier because being the fourth child, she was not afforded the "keep her at home for six weeks" recommendation and made her public debut after two days instead.  


Everything was excellent. Two boys, two girls, two redheads, two brunettes, a thriving business.  On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the town of Sea Bright and caused total devastation to the entire town, including Gracie and the Dudes. This loss was so devastating that the writer prefers not to dwell on it and will simply offer you the mantra that sustained her entire family throughout the following year and a half, which is "Strength is something you choose."


This enthralling tale leads us right up to 2015.  Recovery is complete; Gracie and the Dudes had one excellent summer under its belt (Thank you, weather and crowds of 2014).  Upon planning their opening for the summer of 2015, they received a call that their cows had come in, literally, and their farmer was ready to start selling them organic cream and milk. Excited to be the only organic ice cream store in Monmouth County, and one of only 2 in the state, they reconfigured their recipes and prepared to become a super premium, homemade organic ice cream store.  Sadly, this only lasted one season. Gracie and the Dudes was growing and our supplier was unable to meet our needs. With the advent of 2016, and the opening of a "sister" store, Sadie's Sundaes in Atlantic Highlands, and a new Gracie and the Dudes location at Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank, we switched back to our original recipes, sizing, and pricing. 


Enter 2017. Poor Sadie is losing her gig because people were confused. Is it different ice cream? (no)  Isn't this Gracie and the Dudes (kind of). So Sadie's Sundaes has become another Gracie and the Dudes location. ***Sadie does not know this yet so please if you see her, mum's the word! I haven't thought of an adequate bribe yet to keep the freaking out down to a minimum!*** That being said, Gracie and the Dudes are psyched to be in cool places like Atlantic Highlands, Pier Village and Red Bank, and I am excited to see how far my favorite town, Sea Bright, has come since 2012. Stop in one of our stores or keep an eye out - we might be coming soon to a location near you!